I like to think that life is like a marathon, in that everyone races for their own reasons. Sometimes you meet up with fellow runners and other times you come to a fork in the road where you part ways. You must be lead by your inner voice telling you what is important, rather then just finishing the race with the best time or the most calories burned. All of the clients that I have had the privilege to work with at Manoverboard are either focused on causes related to helping community or the environment.

When you are gauging your company’s impact on the lives of inner city youth or the amount of beets you planted in a community garden, it’s not as simple as dollars and cents on a balance sheet. Impact is fluid and often difficult to nail down, but there is a great way to demonstrate your purpose that will leave customers, investors and other stakeholders happy—and that is through an impact report.

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Ever dream of shaping the world into a better place? You go looking for a blog about design and sustainability only to find zilch, you feel like a sucker so you go back to just not having dreams? Yeah, it happens to the best of us.

Blogs are a great starting point for staying on top of new sustainability technology, design thinking and innovations…that is IF you can find a good one.

Having to sift through countless lame blogs before finding “the one” can be a huge pain in the keister. Never fear: I have collected 10 sustainable design blogs that I think you’ll love (or at least like).

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The whiskey almond pair tart is Dan’s favorite ‘special occasion’ dessert. The kind that you don’t make often, but when you do, it turns heads. Dan offers some tips from his experience.

“Find yourself a 14″ x 4″ rectangular tart pan for a real show-stopper. I picked mine up just down the street from the nice folks at the Happy Cooker. Make sure you roll the dough out the shape of your pan (ball for a tart, or log for the rectangle), and follow the note about rolling it out between sheets of plastic wrap. It makes it way easier to get it into the tart pan without breaking it. But if you do, don’t worry. Just smush all your crumbled bits back into the pan and it’ll turn out fine!”

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person reading annual report

Stick To Your (Branding) Guns

In today’s busy world companies must fight harder then ever for customer awareness and brand recognition. Your annual report is an extremely valuable tool to help solidify your brand and deliver a concise message that will both connect and demand respect.

The most effective way to achieve annual report nirvana is through strong design coupled with well written copy and tightly integrated visuals. Design without powerful copy is just decoration while text without thoughtful and strategic design is disheartening and sad.

Visually Demonstrate Your Impact

While presenting your financials are part of most annual report’s mandate, employing visuals like infographics, illustrations and photography make data and information more useful and manageable. We work with clients to identify key informational components and build easily digestible graphs, charts, tables, and infographics to highlight them.

Personal stories are more emotionally compelling then raw data because they link your company with the personal and professional achievements of the individuals that use your product or service. Showcasing impact stories of employees, clients or partners to demonstrate the change you are fostering can be very powerful. And using pull quotes to highlight key points helps ensure they are not overlooked in the body of the report.

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Last night Manoverboard had the amazing opportunity to attend the Red River College Flux Design Showcase. We had been looking forward to this event for some time and were even more excited to be chosen to be an industry judge. Armed with our name tags and camera we set out into The Flux to help celebrate these talented Red River College students and give them the send off that they deserved.

We were more then impressed by all the great work that Flux was pumping out and we would like to congratulate our friends Braden Schulenberg, Yani Santos and Hailey Graham for all their hard work and dedication over the last few years.

To view more student portfolios check out the Flux website here.

Check out Dan’s beautiful photography from the event below!

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