B Corporation Discount

As a member of the B Corporation community, Manoverboard is honoured to extend a 15% discount on initial engagements to all Certified B Corporations and to all companies that are close to becoming certified. We believe that our own success in positively changing the world is directly proportional to the real progress of our global B Corporation neighbours.

Certified B Corporations are at the forefront of the future of business — and we are thankful for the opportunity to work with other Bs.

Get in Touch

If you are a Certified B Corporation, please reach out to us. If you are considering becoming a B Corp, please reach out to us, too! We would love to talk with you about how certification works and how it can change your business, expand your reach, and drive positive social and environmental change. We look forward to providing you with thoughtful service, lasting design, and sustainable communication strategies.

To receive this 15% B Corp discount, please contact us at bcorp@manoverboard.com.

As a member organization of 1% for the Planet, Manoverboard gives the equivalent of one percent of all revenues to select nonprofit partners that are benefiting the environment.

Manoverboard is a Certified B Corporation, which means that we meet ongoing, rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.