Natel Energy Calculates

written by andrew

We’ve been privileged to work with Natel Energy, a company developing new (and fish-friendly) technologies for generating electricity across water drops. The company built a reputation for commercial innovation, challenging the perception that hydropower products must be large and energy consuming in order to be valuable. With its products distributed widely across many agricultural and other localities, Natel’s products have the capacity to offer truly low-cost and emission-free energy to the grid throughout the world.

Their website describes their compelling vision:

The design [of the SLH system] originated from a desire to create technology that would work efficiently and at low cost in large flow, low head settings. The natural analogue used in the design process is the beaver dam. By creating hydropower efficiently from dams that are the height of beaver dams, we add a novel tool to the hydropower developer’s toolbox—and the ability to truly think big picture about managing water resources. Our vision is to enable efficient, cost-effective utilization of water to produce energy, while maintaining conditions that sustain or improve water resources for ecosystems, for human consumption, for agriculture and for recreation.

In fact, U.S. Department of Energy awarded Natel a $1 million dollar grant to validate the performance of its SLH product in Oregon in September 2011.

In January 2012, we completed an upgrade of the Natel site, making it more interactive and engaging. We added a project calculator to allow prospective customers to see how much power could be generated from a specific site. The tool provides instant feedback to customers and provide initial lead capture to the company. We also added a photography gallery to illustrate how a particular project, the Buckeye South Extension Canal works. The images tell the story beautifully.

Manoverboard wishes Natel and its fantastic team many future successes.

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