New Anti-Spam Legislation Coming Soon

written by marianne

You may have recently noticed an influx of emails in your inbox from organizations that you receive digital newsletters from. This is due to new anti-spam laws implemented in Canada that are taking effect on July 1st. The new legislation, also known as CASL for Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation, requires all organizations and businesses to obtain consent from subscribers to continue sending electronic communications.

Since the work we do is mostly web-based, we appreciate the importance of online privacy and security. We have sent out our own emails seeking consent from our subscribers who wish to continue receiving Manoverboard news, ideas, and events.

To thank our subscribers for taking the time to confirm their consent, we are entering them in a draw to win a three month subscription to Salt Spring Coffee. The three month subscription delivers freshly roasted coffee beans to your door every two weeks! Like us, Salt Spring Coffee is a certified B Corporation, putting people and planet first. Salt Spring is even kindly throwing in a free tumblr to the lucky winner!

We are happy to report that over half of our current subscribers have already given us their consent to continue receiving our emails. We will follow up with a more in-depth analysis of the effect that CASL has had on our subscriber numbers after July 1st. We believe email newsletters are a powerful tool and are hoping that this new legislation builds tighter connections between marketers and clients.

If you’d like to subscribe to our newsletter, please go to our website and click “subscribe” on the footer at the bottom of the page. We appreciate your continued interest in our work.

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