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New Offices

For the past few weeks, we’ve been setting up our new offices here at 308 Morley. It’s now an extremely comfortable space (and will be even more so when our EQ3 Byrd chair arrives).

The building, formerly a garage and many other things, has been around for nearly 100 years. The developer who purchased it has completely transformed it from a brick shell into a highly functional modern building with customized offices, fast connectivity, lots of light, and a view of the surrounding trees and streets. The new building is supported by a brand new timber frame: massive timbers from British Columbia tied with traditional mortise and tenon and almost no hardware. It’s like working in a modern tree house.

I’ve lived in the neighbourhood for six years and Dan moved nearby recently. A quick walk to the office means a no-carbon daily commute, making our daily travels free, green, and fast.

If you’re nearby, please stop in and say hello.