Page Bureau Launches

written by andrew

A week ago, we launched Page Bureau, a new product meant to help professionals get online faster and better. As a service-focused business that puts clients first and foremost (and probably then some), it was a bit of hell getting this off the ground. Page Bureau is quite literally a dream come true—and many years in the making.

Page Bureau is a product-based website delivery service (nothing like a nicotine delivery system). It combines the best of template design, with its ease of use and fast on-ramping for clients, and the best of a professional services firm, with its knowledge and understanding of client needs, wants and idiosyncrasies. With a $500 investment and a bit of writing provided by the client, we take all of the guesswork out of creating a simple, mobile-friendly website that represents a professional’s marketing interests.

Let’s face it—it’s a pain in the arse putting up a website. But we do it almost every day. The goal of Page Bureau is to help professionals do it without the arse pain.

The Page “Bureauiste”

Professionals—doctors, lawyers, accountants, bookkeepers, marketers, writers and consultants of all stripes—are our target audience. The Page Bureau concept is built around our observation and market research that, though these types of individuals often have financial and technical resources, they are also highly underserved in the design marketplace. Sure, they could get a website via any number of sites and online applications and template retailers—but most do not have the time, patience or desire to simply deal.


Why would a design firm create a potentially cannibalistic set of tools for smaller clients? We typically charge about $10,000 for a website. Aren’t we leaving money on the table when Page Bureau sites cost $500—something to the tune of $9,500?

The answer is ‘no’. The Internet has fully disrupted nearly every single industry—from music to banking to retail. It’s now in the process of transforming books, movies, and healthcare and it won’t stop there. The Internet levels the playing field in nearly all industries, creating massive new risk and reward for those willing to sweat the details.

We are quickly moving to a place where marketing websites will either be inexpensive, commoditized, and simple or they will be expensive, customized, and feature-full. As experienced travellers of the latter category, Page Bureau is our attempt to explore the first.

A special shout out to Sarah Zaharia of New Media Manitoba for all of her careful guidance and humane cajoling she’s provided over the past eight months.

Ready for You

Page Bureau is code complete now but will be constantly refined and revisited based on user comments. We’re looking for new customers that want their business to shine online. I hope you’ll consider giving it a whirl.

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