Certified B Corp: Best for the World 2016

The work of a designer, developer and writer is never really done. There can always be one more tweak, one more little adjustment, one more phone call with a client, and just one more eentsy second guess. Creating a successful identity, interface, or story almost always takes more time than we anticipate. It’s part of the business of building things anew every single day.

The designers, developers and communicators at Manoverboard sweat this small stuff all of the time—during the day, over lunch and coffee, and in the middle of the night. Any given design, interface, or strategy is only done when we know it’s ready to rock and roll.

It’s why I’m so incredibly honoured to announce that we received the 2016 Best for the World award by B Lab today in the Workers category. The award means that Manoverboard scored in the top 10% of all Certified B Corporations in the world—about 1,800 of them—on the B Impact Assessment.

To be more exact, here is what B Lab, the nonprofit that certifies businesses and helps them “be the change” says:

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Many companies are doing some pretty amazing things in their communities and beyond. And yet, some of these organizations are not talking about the goodwill they are creating.

At Manoverboard, we know how important a website is in promoting the core values of any business. Below are four key (and very basic) tenants to keep in mind.

It all begins with a good design. A clean interfaces that is easy to navigate will help visitors to your site better understand the story you want to tell. A site’s message should be boiled down to let stakeholders know that your work and your purpose is serious. The website should work across all devices from phones to tablets to desktops. And it should not feature “mystery meat”, which is content or features that no one quite knows what to do with. No matter what, the key goal of your website should be to help people connect with your business. Be accessible. Provide contact information easily. Use emails and forms to help stakeholders easily get in touch and stay in touch.

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I never liked the word “branding”. It’s so undifferentiated and treacly and it can often mean plain-old “design”. For many businesses, “branding” is just the latest decoration on top of a stale cake that has been served over and over.

Brand Not Branding

But a “brand”, despite its derivation from the above, is a slightly different beast. A “brand” has become much more than a marketing strategy, a shiny logo, or a slogan; a true brand represents the core values of any organization. A company or organization’s brand is derived not from “branding” but from the totality of its work, initiatives, products and services, positioning, responsibility to stakeholders and communications (including design and marketing efforts).

And more than ever, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives are becoming the heart and soul of how companies are thinking about their future strategically and responsibly.

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The answer is a resounding yes! Today’s Canadian technology sector, many of whom are B Corporations, are giving back by investing in the innovators of tomorrow.

Over the past decade, a great deal of attention has been paid to Canada’s technology sector. Government and private organizations are working to incubate the most promising start-ups. The Canada Technology Accelerator is an example. This program takes eight to ten startups to New York City every year. The goal is to give these entrepreneurs the support and mentoring they need to break into the technology and financial center. Each company spends four months using office space provided by the Canadian Trade Commissioners Office to conduct business, learn more about how to succeed in this competitive arena, and network.

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At Manoverboard, We’re Proud to Be a B Corporation

You might think that Manoverboard, a company that puts the planet and people before profits would not be prone to a little boasting or bragging. You would be wrong. Along with the glow we get from creating far-reaching marketing strategies and designs for clients, we also get a thrill when, as a company, we reach a new milestone.

Well, that happened the other day. We were re-certified as a B Corporation.

Manoverboard first joined the ranks of B Corporations in 2013. We were probably in the mid-600s of global businesses that passed certification and were one of the first Canadian design firms to earn this distinction. We were also the first in the province of Manitoba.

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