The Vacation

written by andrew

In Canada, people speak of a “holiday”, where a number of days are set aside to be away from the office. “Holiday”, like many wonderful Canadianisms, is a remnant of British English, a reminder of its English past and present. The meaning is essentially interchangeable with the American “vacation”. But “vacation” feels more fun, frivolous, and expensive while “holiday”, with its religious roots, connotes a more solemn and peaceable time.

Every designer should take a break in the summer. It’s a chance to leave the studio, invest in some fiction, and see things anew. Five years ago, when I first moved to Canada, I took my American vacation in small chunks. Two days here, a long weekend there, three days over there and another long weekend. Each vacation was more exhausting than the next. By the time I got back to work, the next design was due and then I would rush to get away again.

My sensibility–and sensitivity to the brief beauty of Canadian summers–has changed over the years. I now take longer segments of time in the summer amounting to a kind of … holiday

Wishing you a very happy mid-summer.

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