Bringing brands together for responsible investment

When two important and trusted brands merge, it is essential to get the message just right if it is going to resonate with existing and prospective stakeholders. Articulating the vision effectively online tells people that the emerging enterprise is much greater than the sum of its parts.

When Wolfensohn Fund Management, L.P. and EKO Asset Management Partners decided to merge in 2014, our job was to build a new brand that celebrated what both partners brought to the table. Encourage Capital was a new entity – it embraced the green investment expertise of EKO and the social investment focus of Wolfensohn.

Encourage Capital Website

The partnering firms wanted a site that would carve out a new tradition of environmental and social responsibility without alienating or frightening off any clients of the founding firms. We helped harness the passion of the partners to blaze a new trail for Encourage Capital and its captivating brand story.

We sourced and curated the right photography to position Encourage Capital and elevate the new brand; we produced a site design that communicated with confidence; and we developed a design for reports focused on engaging readers.

It has been an exciting journey. Encourage Capital is destined for a long and successful partnership.