Inspiring Waves of Investment

Our goal wasn’t to make a website. Our goal was to make a case. And nothing makes a case like impressive data and great stories.

Vibrant Oceans, a project of Encourage Capital, inspires investors to invest resources in struggling fisheries of all sizes to encourage self-sufficiency while earning a return on investment.

Invest In Vibrant Oceans

In making the case for connecting private capital to socially responsible initiatives, the site uses compelling animated images to generate curiosity. The information that prospective investors would desire is then gently layered. From images, to key messages, to substantive reports and blueprints, the user is in complete control over the flow of information. That was a deliberate choice that Vibrant Oceans and Manoverboard made together to maximize user engagement. The user drills down only as far as they are comfortable and interested.

Our greatest challenge in developing this website was poring over an immense amount of data to deliver an architecture and implement a design that can build new audiences for Vibrant Oceans and generate greater interest in sustainable global fisheries.