Highlighting important issues and impressive results

Tree falls. No one hears it. Does it make a sound?

Our friends at Maestral were concerned that their previous website wasn’t making any sound. They were doing masterful work in the area of child poverty and programs to address all adversities faced by children, but they weren’t generating enough buzz to justify their efforts.

Maestral International

Their goal was to launch a new site that (a) highlighted their many important projects boldly and energetically; and (b) demonstrated their global reach in the hopes of attracting the interest of more international donors, governments, partners, and other stakeholders. The site needed to communicate not only the work they were doing, but also the value that work delivered. They wanted to demonstrate programming excellence and thought leadership.

We worked hand-in-hand with Maestral’s CEO who had a very well-articulated vision of what she wanted the site to accomplish. We were actively involved in the sourcing and selection of photos; we massaged the provided copy with the client’s blessing and enthusiasm; and we developed a new and effective brand identity that conveyed the image they wanted to promote.

Our new website is just terrific, as easily read on a small mobile phone in Africa as it is on a large computer screen in New York. We see the results on a daily basis, and couldn’t be more pleased with Manoverboard’s work.

Philip Goldman

Maestral’s leadership knew that you can’t just launch a site, walk away, and hope for the best. You need to nurture it with rich content, meaningful documents, and bold images. We adapted a content management system to help them do just that. And for a bit of content management zing, we created an automated map placement function that allowed them to click on a country name on the back end and then have the country’s map appear to give the user context.

The site continues to gain traction and generate interest in Maestral’s important vision. Great websites can change the world.