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Pearl Consulting is an advisory firm based in Sydney and Singapore that is focused on creating shared value for corporate partners by developing substantial social responsibility initiatives. With deep functional and project management expertise, the firm built a strong reputation for guiding its clients through a tested process of learning, implementation and measurement. The results of working with Pearl are tangible—clients gain access to CSR expertise and acquire meaningful and measurable outcomes for their nonprofit partners and communities. The firm came to Manoverboard to help them demonstrate those results online.

The firm had also grown to accommodate and assist larger clients with shared value initiatives and needed a site to showcase that work. It also sought to demonstrate its value proposition through numerous case studies of positive social impact. Fundamentally, the site would act as a marketing communications tool that confirms existing clients’ high regard for the firm. And it should also inspire prospective clients to better understand how its four service areas—strategic planning, social impact programs, government engagement and B Corporation certification services—can help them achieve their social and environmental impact objectives.

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Our Solution

Working carefully with the principal of the firm and a few individuals on her team, we designed an online strategy that would allow the site to grow as the company evolved. We examined Pearl Consulting’s work with clients across various sectors, including technology, finance, and retail, and built a site focused on results. The new website features case studies that represent the quality of their client engagements; for instance, Pearl Consulting was the project manager for Oxfam and Visa’s humanitarian support to typhoon-affected communities in the Philippines in 2013. It also connects the firm’s expertise in its four service areas to case studies and showcases wonderful testimonials from its clients. The result is a cohesive, scalable site powered by a customized set of content management tools that Pearl Consulting can use on its own.

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The Manoverboard team were professional, creative and responsive and created a website for us that captured our brand essence and who we are as a company. I highly recommend them as an agency.

—Gillian Pearl, Managing Director
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As a member organization of 1% for the Planet, Manoverboard gives the equivalent of one percent of all revenues to select nonprofit partners that are benefiting the environment.

Manoverboard is a Certified B Corporation, which means that we meet ongoing, rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.