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In 2015, RBC Convention Centre underwent a $180 million expansion that saw its size nearly double to a total of 832,000 square feet. The centre engaged Manoverboard to produce a suite of interactive and print materials for its redevelopment launch event and for ongoing communications. As one of the largest convention centres in Canada and a multi-purpose facility that hosts meetings, conventions, trade shows, and corporate events, the centre also needed a robust online platform that would vibrantly showcase its revitalization.

The centre’s redevelopment represented a major investment from key partners including the city and provincial governments. The major launch event included hundreds of stakeholders, including representatives from government and business. With the goal of reaching new audiences in North America, the event anchored the centre’s marketing and communications strategy. The website to follow would be the key marketing and communications tools to power an organization vital to the economic health of the city.

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Our Solution

In concert with two partner communications agencies, we created a fresh, new online identity for the centre that guided the development of all of the materials for the launch event. Materials included trade show and hanging banners, theatre-sized motion graphics, and a bold landing page. Following the successful launch of the new double-in-size convention centre, we assisted the convention centre in securing a naming-rights partner, Royal Bank of Canada, and helped update the online identity to fit the partnership. Based on a realistic yet forward-thinking content strategy, we designed a massive new website that positioned the centre as a crown jewel of Winnipeg. The site speaks to the multiple North American audiences who use and purchase event space. We designed the site to easily scale as the organization expands. Manoverboard continues to act as one of RCB Convention Centre’s lead creative partners.

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We’ve worked with Manoverboard for over 5 years now. They were instrumental in creating our new identity when we announced our expansion and have been assisting us ever since. From branding, website design and other creative projects, we are always pleased with the finished product.

—Karen Ilchena, Communications Specialist

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