Showcasing Impact

Did SJF Ventures want their new website to position them as a progressive, green investment firm? Yes. But they also wanted the site to position them as successful and bold – a good and safe place for any investor to place their funds. As an investment firm, SJF is about growth. High growth.

That was our challenge. Help website visitors understand that SJF Ventures is both responsible and successful. Deliver the message that environmental responsibility and financial success do not compromise or diminish each other. In fact, SJF marries the two objectives with vigor, authenticity, and an impressive track record.

SJF Ventures

We delivered a design that uses handsome, confidence-building imagery and bold typography to convey convincing brand messages. As an investment firm, SJF aims for impact. As a design firm, so do we.

The site’s success can be attributed in large part to the client’s active involvement and their ability and willingness to express – in detail – what they needed the website to accomplish for them.

SJF Ventures has turned to Manoverboard for a number of projects, including our website redesign.  Manoverboard listens carefully, offers unique ideas, and provides results that are visually exciting to our firm and those with whom we interact.  Manoverboard takes pride in its work and is committed to sweating the details in order to meet our needs.

Alan Kelley

Among other features, the site offers advanced filtering of news items and case studies to help SJF target their content as precisely as possible. The site is also highly customized so that the information can appear in the precise order the client wants (and they can change that order whenever they want). Additionally, we implemented a system that made it easy for SJF’s personnel to add portfolio items to showcase their significant impact.

This project required us to focus on advanced technical web development along with aesthetics and brand-building. Thanks to the ability of SJF Ventures to communicate their needs effectively, the result was successful.