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Women's Enterprise Centre

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Women’s Enterprise Centre is a resource organization for women who want to start or expand their business. Core services include business advising, training, and financing. The centre facilitates numerous events and fosters networking, and mentorship opportunities. In addition, it provides ongoing support to women looking to grow their leadership skills. The centre approached Manoverboard because it needed a fresh look and content management system that could grow with them.

The centre’s ability to communicate its events, opportunities, and member profiles is central to its mission and its mandate. They needed a website that was easy to update, which could market and sell many events and training, and that would help visitors learn about women entrepreneurs. They also needed the site to elegantly present its news and ideas. We looked carefully at every feature and function of the site and then matched them to an overall content strategy that could be supported internally.

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Our Solution

Learning about the organization and how it operates allowed us to source a platform that would meet its needs as closely as possible. We developed a system using that platform that would allow the the centre to easily update and sell their events and training online. We redesigned a new membership directory that allows visitors to explore women-owned businesses by category, city or search term. We also designed the website to be more contemporary and easier to navigate with a particular focus on mobile styling. The new Women’s Enterprise Centre site gave the organization a fresh, exciting look with backend administrative tools that were custom-built to meet their training, event, news, and directory requirements.

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Content that Shines

Through the new site, WECM showcases its many achievements and demonstrates both its ongoing impact in the community and its successful entrepreneurial outcomes in the province. The website’s bold approach creates multiple spaces for the organization’s ongoing, helpful, and resource-rich content to shine.

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