Writing for Godot

written by andrew

Enough is enough. After several years of promising myself and my colleagues that I would be writing more and putting myself out there, I’m now pulling the trigger. The weapon is in front of me and I’m staring right into it. (It kind of looks like a homemade pea shooter.)

Writing is an important part of who I am. It’s the only way (for me) to be more fully open and honest, to express clearly what I think I believe when I think I believe it. Writing (and drawing) is what I’ve done before to make me who I am. But I’ll focus on the past later.

What has jumpstarted this little excursion into writing is a new challenge by Seth Godin and his colleague Winnie Kao. The idea is to create seven (yes, 7) meaningful notes, one each day, between tomorrow and 7 days after that. This makes it about a week.

It’s called Your Turn Challenge, which feels like a name that doesn’t work but it does. The hashtag for it, if you’re interested, is #YourTurnChallenge.

Sure, there have been other writing challenges that I’ve considered. One most recently is by the author of the Desk App. But as someone who has followed Seth (yeah, I do call him that sometimes) and his trajectory as a truth teller for 20 years now, this one feels right. It’s got honesty and integrity written all over it with a dollop of humour and a smidgen of transgression.

This note I’m writing here is the prologue so that I don’t have to explain myself tomorrow.

Here’s the real scoop. I wake up nearly every day saying that I’m going to write. That I’m going to provide a point of view on a particular subject: design, writing, content, web, family, technology, and social monkeying (I mean media). But I don’t. Then I look back at my past and think of my successes as someone who writes.

Then I have a coffee and answer emails and I look up and the whole day is gone. I go to sleep feeling terrible about myself, about wasted talents and time, and about longing to speak in writing, which is the only way I know how to really speak.

I don’t care (too much) if nobody reads this. It’s for me and it’s going to be hard but so is everything of value (diamonds, a sigh from your wife, etc). Thanks to Winnie and to Seth for putting this on so I can put it out there.



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