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Design that Elevates Business and Enhances the World

Manoverboard is a B Corporation helping purpose-driven companies and organizations motivate their audiences with beautiful, lasting design. We deliver bold websites, enduring corporate identities, and the communications strategies that support both. We engage, humanize, and inspire. We see the big picture while honing the details, creating a better world by design.

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Foundations, hospitals, NGOs, and trade and sector associations are the cornerstones of our work. We help innovative non-profits inspire their base, engage new audiences, develop membership, increase donations, and communicate clearly.


Pioneering Educational Institutions

Universities, schools and research institutions require comprehensive and considered design direction and technology implementation. We help educators and administrators build smart and engaging websites and communication tools.


Responsible Financial
Service Firms

New and emerging financial markets mean that investment firms require uncomplicated direction and market positioning. We work closely and thoughtfully with responsible investment firms and asset managers to build durable and distinctive sites and strategies.

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