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The Facts About Inbound Marketing

mad men vs inbound marketing

Is Inbound Marketing right for your business or organization?

We have been experimenting with inbound marketing for the better part of the past year and it is incredibly powerful. Inbound marketing is an online-based system designed to develop buyer, donor or membership relationships by providing meaningful information and offers to audiences. The companies that do it best articulate and demonstrate the advantages of their ideas, values, and services and help visitors to their site access information easily. These companies don’t rely on impulse buyers but instead look to attract considered purchasers—people who do their research before they commit to investing in a service or opportunity.

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Looking for a career change while helping clients drive social and environmental change?

Manoverboard is a team of dedicated designers seeking to help make the world a better place through design. We are a purpose-driven B Corporation focused on creating strategies, websites, content, and identities for principled businesses, large nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions. We care about economic opportunity and the immense environmental challenges our world faces.

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B Corporations are built to focus on people and planet along with profits (and also prosperity, a fourth “P” that does not get enough attention). When you meet the rather rigorous certification standards for joining this growing tribe of value-based businesses, B’s have an opportunity tell the world their story. There is no better way than through your website, which should be the hub of any marketing strategy. As B Corps, our websites should seek to leverage our practices and aspirations in a way that enlightens and engages (and maybe even bridges) our current and future stakeholders.

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Many companies are doing some pretty amazing things in their communities and beyond. And yet, some of these organizations are not talking about the goodwill they are creating.

At Manoverboard, we know how important a website is in promoting the core values of any business. Below are four key (and very basic) tenants to keep in mind.

It all begins with a good design. A clean interfaces that is easy to navigate will help visitors to your site better understand the story you want to tell. A site’s message should be boiled down to let stakeholders know that your work and your purpose is serious. The website should work across all devices from phones to tablets to desktops. And it should not feature “mystery meat”, which is content or features that no one quite knows what to do with. No matter what, the key goal of your website should be to help people connect with your business. Be accessible. Provide contact information easily. Use emails and forms to help stakeholders easily get in touch and stay in touch.

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I never liked the word “branding”. It’s so undifferentiated and treacly and it can often mean plain-old “design”. For many businesses, “branding” is just the latest decoration on top of a stale cake that has been served over and over.

Brand Not Branding

But a “brand”, despite its derivation from the above, is a slightly different beast. A “brand” has become much more than a marketing strategy, a shiny logo, or a slogan; a true brand represents the core values of any organization. A company or organization’s brand is derived not from “branding” but from the totality of its work, initiatives, products and services, positioning, responsibility to stakeholders and communications (including design and marketing efforts).

And more than ever, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives are becoming the heart and soul of how companies are thinking about their future strategically and responsibly.

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