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The answer is a resounding yes! Today’s Canadian technology sector, many of whom are B Corporations, are giving back by investing in the innovators of tomorrow.

Over the past decade, a great deal of attention has been paid to Canada’s technology sector. Government and private organizations are working to incubate the most promising start-ups. The Canada Technology Accelerator is an example. This program takes eight to ten startups to New York City every year. The goal is to give these entrepreneurs the support and mentoring they need to break into the technology and financial center. Each company spends four months using office space provided by the Canadian Trade Commissioners Office to conduct business, learn more about how to succeed in this competitive arena, and network.

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What happens when a company, organization or association aligns its core values with its standards? If honesty is one of the core values, then it makes sense that transparency would be the standard on which to measure success. Transparency in business today is not just a nice to have, it is becoming a must have. Access to information in our digital age is so prevalent that companies who are not working to become more transparent run the risk of hurting their reputations and their profit margins in the long run.

In a recent article from The Center for Association Leadership, best-selling author Quint Studer talks about how important transparency is to the long-term success of any business. His definition of transparency is simply “The ability of the employees and key stakeholders to see the same information that the senior leadership sees.” This might sound simple but the implications are far-reaching.

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We have a lot of clients in the United States and overseas. Tomorrow, Manoverboard will be closed for Canada Day, a holiday which should not only be a time for celebration, but a time for reflection.

Canada Day is Momentous

The day recognizes the British North American Act of 1867 which officially combined three Canadian provinces (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and the Province of Canada, which later became Ontario and Quebec) into one country. However, the holiday did not become official until 1982 when the Canadian constitution was formally patriated and some of the vestiges of British power or influence were removed. That means that while the country is almost 150 years old, Canada Day itself is just entering middle age!

The holiday is recognized as a statutory holiday. But not all local governments and communities agree on a set standard for the celebration. In the capital, Ottawa, the day will be filled with live entertainment and family-friendly activities from Parliament Hill to the museums and city parks.

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At Manoverboard, We’re Proud to Be a B Corporation

You might think that Manoverboard, a company that puts the planet and people before profits would not be prone to a little boasting or bragging. You would be wrong. Along with the glow we get from creating far-reaching marketing strategies and designs for clients, we also get a thrill when, as a company, we reach a new milestone.

Well, that happened the other day. We were re-certified as a B Corporation.

Manoverboard first joined the ranks of B Corporations in 2013. We were probably in the mid-600s of global businesses that passed certification and were one of the first Canadian design firms to earn this distinction. We were also the first in the province of Manitoba.

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bamboo trees in forestAccording to a stellar new report by Greenpeace, internet and IT services comprise approximately 2% of all carbon emissions — or approximately the same as that of the aviation sector. In other words, those crowded lanes in the sky are putting out as much carbon as the cable beneath our roads.

In the report, the authors point out that while there have been some improvements (and Apple comes out smelling great with a 100% Clean Energy Index), for a number of internet behemoths like Facebook and eBay, there is much to be done if we want to stay ahead of a sustainable growth curve.

The Internet is Expected to Continue Its Growth Trajectory

According to Doug Webster, Vice President of product and solutions marketing at Cisco “Cisco’s VNI Forecast once again showcases the seemingly insatiable demand for bandwidth around the globe and provides insights into the architectural considerations necessary to deliver on the ever-increasing experiences being delivered. With more and more people, things, processes and data being connected to the Internet of Everything, the intelligent network and the service providers who operate them are more relevant than ever.”

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