pipe snaking through trees / http://tumblr.unsplash.com/post/69929384463/download-by-james-forbesA good data host should be something like a suitable dinner host — stable and reliable with good table manners and some seriousness of purpose.

But with web hosting, we often do not know what is actually being served on our plates.

How reputable is the host? What kinds of security is in place to protect both data and accounts? Will the hosting provider guarantee a 100% uptime? How much data can be served and stored? How up-to-date are the host’s hardware and the software? Can you call the host with questions or have a quick chat about the weather?

There is one question that we will increasingly be asking: How green are the hosts with whom we trust our data?

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B the Change, Winnipeg

aaron emery speak at canadian museum for human rightsYesterday, five B Corporations in Winnipeg came together at the new Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

Our luncheon was called “The Future of Business: B Corporations in Winnipeg” and our focus was on starting a conversation in the city on corporate social responsibility, the evolution of business, and the power of B Corporations who are speaking in a single voice that is growing in volume. I didn’t know this but there are now over 1,200 Certified B Corporations around the globe and 125 in Canada.

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you know singing in the stairwell is awesome

By now, you’ve probably read somewhere that blogging is pretty valuable for businesses and non-profits alike. An organization’s blog drives traffic to your website, produces shareable content, and allows you to connect with your audience. But like any other kind of marketing and communications tool, blogging is only effective if you’re using it strategically. So the question is: Are you doing it right?

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photo from event: you must try new thingsAfter the first event on the first day of the Inbound 2014 conference, I got stuck in the elevator at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Centre. Actually, twelve of us, tightly packed and some of us with coats (somehow, we thought it was a good idea to all cram in on the second floor), enjoyed each others’ close company in the confines of the tight—and getting tighter—elevator space.

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