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For the first time since its inception, Earth Day in Canada will now be a year-long event. Starting on April 22nd, 2015, the national launch will encourage all Canadians to reduce their carbon footprint by 20% by 2020. The focus is on commuting and the Earth Day website indicates 25 different “commuting acts” you can take.

Daily transportation contributes about 24% of Canada’s carbon emissions. To reach this environmental goal, Canadians are encouraged to “Clean Your Commute” by using electric vehicles, public transportation, foot power, or by telecommuting where possible.

Earth Day 2015 marks the 45th anniversary of this annual celebration and nearly 6 million adults and children throughout Canada are expected to participate in special events, environmental activities, and educational opportunities.

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On April 16th, Etsy a Certified B Corporation, launched their IPO on Wall Street. They are only the second B Corporation to go public; Rally Software was the first. Some Wall Street insiders were skeptical that a company known for putting people and values before profits could attract the attention of investors, but it did. The initial stock price offering was US$16 per share. After one day of trading, it nearly doubled in value, raising approximately US$2.5 billion. The Wall Street Journal quoted Chad Dickerson, the Etsy CEO saying, “The success of our business model is based on the success of our sellers. That means we don’t have to make a choice between people and profit.”

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Business is Hope Made Human

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A few months ago, Manoverboard and a number of other B Corporations here held a luncheon at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights called the Future of Business. Because of time limitations, I didn’t read the entire talk that I had prepared, skipping over a few key items. I re-read the piece and it’s not bad and I figured I’d post it for future reference.

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Go-Kart Analytics?


Last year after volunteering our time at Winnipeg Harvest for our staff holiday party, we decided to conclude the celebration with a visit to the local karting track, Speedworld. In fact, we recorded the whole race on a GoPro—you can check out the video a little further into this piece.

Speedworld is an indoor track, which is a good thing because Winnipeg tends to be brutally cold and buried under heaps of snow for half of the year. The track also happens to have the fastest karts in the city, and they work hard to keep them balanced so the best racer—not the best kart—will be the winner. For competitive, obsessive people like me, I can think of no better way to spend an hour after work when its -32°C outside.

Looking back on that day, it never dawned on me how analytics could apply to something like a karting track, but I now know that they certainly can, and do. If the idea intrigues you, I encourage you to read on.

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Over the next few years, websites will change from validation tools to learning platforms. Through your website, people will want to learn from your business, connect with your ideas, and develop strong relationships. Remarkable content, coupled with smart design, will help make those connections. The best communication professionals will help drive those connections and must be prepared for the changes immediately ahead. The talk will discuss a brief history of the web, how content is changing online, why we talk about learning, and where design and communications will be most impactful in the next few years.

For us poor folks who are in the communications, marketing and public relations field, the web at the moment looks something like the below. It is a very crowded, very busy, very intense marketplace of ideas, information, and transactions.

Last week, I presented on the topic of distinguishing your site from the rest by designing to educate customers, which I believe is the future, or definitely a future, of the web. The event was sponsored by the local chapter of the Canadian Public Relations Society, a membership-driven organization that supports professional communication and PR professionals.

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