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Reach more visitors with an accessibility-compliant website.

Reach more visitors with an accessibility-compliant website.

Everyone should be able to access your website

For 15 percent of people experiencing a disability, most websites are difficult or impossible to use. If your website doesn't meet current accessibility standards, you're likely not reaching everyone seeking your ideas, information, and services.

Accessibility laws are in place or coming soon

Federal and provincial governments in Canada are rolling out legislation that includes lowering online barriers to those experiencing disability. Similar laws are in place or are coming online around the world and in many U.S. jurisdictions. Prioritizing website useability now will ensure your organization is compliant with regulations regardless of where you operate.

Get your website's full audience on deck with Manoverboard

Our award-winning design studio has been building websites with accessibility in mind for nearly twenty years. We understand that complying with accessibility standards can feel overwhelming. That's why we've tailored our services to assist organizations wherever they are on their accessibility journey. From auditing your current site to a complete redesign, improving your accessibility online is within reach.

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