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Chart your course with Manoverboard

Chart your course with Manoverboard

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If you’re ready to take a deep dive to create the brand identity and digital platform of your organization’s dreams, let’s talk.

Even if you’re not quite ready to take the leap, but want to see if we’re the right fit, it’s worth a conversation.

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Do we fit the bill?

We're the right design studio for you if:

You have digital and branding needs that go beyond a brochure or postcard. You are on a mission!

You have at least $20K to $40K budgeted to allow us to fully help you achieve your organization's goals and impact.

You seek to build a more just, sustainable, creative and equitable world.  

Our Info

PO Box 68082 Osborne Village

Winnipeg MB

R3L 2V9

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Job Opportunities

Currently, there are no open positions at Manoverboard. However, we are always looking for talented designers and developers to help with our work and our projects. Feel free to send your resume and portfolio any time to

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