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Through bold visual identities and digital platforms, we help progressive organizations advance by setting the standard in exceptional design—creatively, technically, sustainably, and ethically.

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Design influences every aspect of our lives. How we think about and craft our world can make the journey comfortable or more difficult. At Manoverboard, we work with forward-thinking organizations to make a difference. Whether you are advancing your branding, your website, or both, we will help you amplify the impact of everything you do.

Using future-forward design approaches and technologies, we will ensure that your site is visible, accessible, and treads lightly on the environment. When paired with a rethink of your visual identity and communications strategy, your organization will achieve whatever sea change it sets out to. Grab some inspiration from a few of our clients below.

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2018 — 2022

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National Screen Institute

Strategy, Web, Branding


Branding, Strategy

RRC Polytech

Strategy, Web


Strategy, Web


Strategy, Web

Mikva Challenge

Branding, Strategy, Web

We are as thoughtful about how we work as we are about what we create.

Greening the web

We seek to advance a web that upholds the very best practices of sustainability. We seek an internet that is humane, independent, available to all visitors, and built using innovative, future-forward technologies that are powered by renewable energy. We are a Certified B Corp on a mission to create a better world, by design.

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Recent Reflections

Highly collaborative and flexible

“Manoverboard has been instrumental to our strategic rebrand during our growth from a pilot project to a full-fledged impact investing firm. Andrew and his team were highly collaborative and flexible as we worked through how we wanted to be represented to the world. They delivered a truly beautiful brand and website that uniquely reflects our mission and ethos.”

Charlie Petty, Adjuvant Capital

A black and white photo of Karen, Andrew, and Nikki sitting casually in a triangle in Andrew's smaller office, talking.

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