A Site to Improve Lives

Since 1914, HeartShare has been bringing hope to children, adults, and families throughout New York. The organization touches the lives of 35,000 people a year and helps them navigate the challenges of living with intellectual disabilities, family crises, addiction, mental illness, and poverty.

We had the pleasure of designing HeartShare’s first website in 2005. After developing a new, comprehensive communications strategy in 2014, HeartShare returned to Manoverboard with a bold and exciting vision for their new site.


They were seeking a contemporary look with a high degree of functionality. They wanted their clients to find the information and resources they needed as quickly and easily as possible. They wanted donors to be able to contribute simply and seamlessly. And they wanted to honour the organization’s rich history.

Of great importance to HeartShare and Manoverboard was the issue of site accessibility. We agreed that everyone who came to the site should have an easy experience, even if they had a degree of visual, cognitive, or hearing impairment. The HeartShare site achieves the highest standards in accessibility. For example, the site is “screen reader friendly”. That means that the site can convert itself instantly to plain text and then be read out loud by the user’s computer. Also, colours were chosen to make the site easier to read for people with colour blindness.

With simplified navigation and strong imagery, the site is inviting and welcoming and has earned favourable reviews from clients and donors alike.