Yesterday, I had the opportunity to look at the President of the United States’ website. I hadn’t seen it in a while and the difference is striking. While previously the site was focused on idealism and possibility, now it’s entirely focused on the campaign. The site does a beautiful job of depicting Mr. Obama’s biographic material in a friendly and generous way. The large open (e.g. “HOPE”-like) space of previous days is gone – today it’s back to basics – with a key focus on honesty and integrity and the numerous key issues his administration is focused upon. It’s nice work and politically astute. The campaign and its site are one and the same: both feature Mr. Obama’s tightly balanced position, his accomplishments and recent record, and his connection to his country.

It’s also great to see the site be the first that I know of to use the inimitable Gotham as a web font. Like many designers, I eagerly await being able to use Hoefler & Frere-Jones’ fonts online. I don’t blame them for giving the President’s website the first swing of the bat.

P.S. As my colleague, Michael Barrish, points out, the new Obama site is responsive, working beautifully across mobile and desktop browsers.

Obama’s new website takes two steps forward in technology and one step back in personality.