In my spare time, I serve on the board of the provincial chapter of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada. The national organization, started in 1956, provides advocacy, resources, and certification for practicing designers and educators throughout the country and works very hard on behalf of its members. It is the only national organization that acts as a voice for design in and for Canada and promotes ethical and sustainable business practices.

The local chapter, GDC Manitoba, has a strong membership base of about 90 design professionals, educators and students who are committed to providing the highest standards of design in the industry. The chapter provides mentoring and outreach to younger designers as well as professional development. And we run and manage Pecha Kucha Night Winnipeg, a very well-attended event that hosts local presenters of all persuasions four times per year.

We are constantly seeking new and dedicated members to keep the flame. Despite the fact that designers are moving their services and adopting their tools to online audiences—or should be if they have not already—there is nothing quite like a printed piece to help connect with prospective members, communicate our message of goodwill and professionalism, and inspire folks to join. (As an aside, I hope that paper will never be lost from the communications tool belt; its sustainability is proven, despite its reputation.)

Last week we ran a second printing of the brochure, designed by us at Manoverboard. The brochure seeks to promote the chapter and its members and acts a small conduit to potential businesses and nonprofits seeking to hire members. The brochure features 10 members—from design agency owners, in-house designers, freelancers and a photographer—and explains in short, pertinent language why they are members of the GDC.

It was an honor helping to create and direct the design and production of this brochure. Many thanks to Karen Niedzwiecki for her help and guidance. You can download a PDF [big file: 8.6MB] and if you’d like a physical copy, please let us know.