Sign saying Pool Closed For Maintenance

Most things in our lives need maintenance and websites are not an exception to that rule. Instead of boring you with the usual analogies that compare website maintenance to other things in our lives (that’s what the above image is for), I will try to keep this short and sweet.

The conventional presentation of website maintenance gives you the following:

1. Security (the world is a scary place and we need to protect your site because everything is under attack)
2. Backup (we all need backups to save us from imminent disaster)
3. Optimization (your site is inherently sick and needs help)

Love Your Website

We don’t want you to be afraid of your website. If you feel like your website is secure and running optimally, you can stop worrying about it and concentrate fully on keeping it up to date with great and enriching content.

Maintenance of a website is something to feel good about and not something to put you on edge. We at Manoverboard like to take a different approach in justifying why website maintenance is a good idea and it looks more like this:


Having your WordPress site backed up gives you peace of mind. In the rare event of your website going down, there is a backup available offsite that will allow for a quick restore. All of our maintained sites use a daily or hourly backup system.


WordPress sites need optimization on a monthly basis in the form of updates. These updates can include actual updates to the WordPress core software, but most are reserved for plugins used by the site. All of our maintained sites get updates applied monthly.


Most people have questions about their site and how to do and achieve certain things. Having peace of mind that you can get assistance is a wonderful thing. All of our maintained sites come with monthly assistance.


There are important actions that can be done in order to protect your site from hacking. These include regular monitoring and making elements of the WordPress install inaccessible. Protection also comes in the form of updates as mentioned above. All of our maintained sites come with monthly protection measures.

You have spent a considerable sum of time and money on designing and developing a customized site. We want to make sure that your site is stable and scalable over the long haul.

Interested in our website maintenance?