The Purpose Project

What’s the Purpose Project?

For the past few years, Manoverboard has helped a number of nonprofit organizations on a pro bono basis. We developed communications strategies, created new visual identities, designed collateral, and provided various forms of design consulting. These engagements emerged after we approached an organization or after someone asked us for help. And that work was always rewarding, challenging and inspiring.

In 2017, we’re doing things a little bit differently.

Seeking change partners

We know that many organizations and individuals in the province are actively addressing important social, economic, and environmental challenges. But we don’t know always know about those organizations and individuals. There are so many commitments and projects hidden away and others are just emerging to see the light of day.

For 2017, we will be issuing up to $12,000 in service grants to selected social entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations, and social enterprises in Winnipeg and Manitoba. The first half of the funds (up to $6,000) will be provided to one or two applicants sometime in February.

Our goal is to find and support a change agent partner that may need a helping hand to get to that next stage in their communications initiatives. We are calling this the Purpose Project.

How it Works

Each Purpose Project applicant will be reviewed using five criteria:

  • Demonstrated need
  • Project complexity and size
  • Values alignment
  • Outreach and impact
  • Achievability

These five criteria will be scored on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest in potential. Every team member at Manoverboard will have an equal vote. Ultimately, we are looking for a good fit: a pro bono client to whom we can lend a hand or two and who, in turn, will leverage our collaboration.

We will provide all applicants with their score so that they might understand our decision-making and gain feedback.

The chosen applicant will be publicly announced in a joint statement between Manoverboard and client. Please note that Manoverboard reserves the unconditional right to issue smaller, larger or no service grants than what is indicated and the right to modify any terms and conditions indicated here prior to issuing a service grant.

Who should apply?

Any registered nonprofit organization, social entrepreneur, or social enterprise with a demonstrated commitment to positive impact in the community or environment should apply. The applicant must be a resident of Manitoba.

What services would be part of the grant?

Organizational identities and logos, logo upgrades, presentation decks, materials such as business cards and letterhead, brochures, custom illustration, one-page websites, and posters are all potential gigs.

What services are not part of the grant?

Marketing and communications strategies, large websites, copy writing, media buying, photography, video editing or production, software or application development, IT consulting and support, and outdoor signage are not potential projects.

How to Apply

We know how valuable time is for people running organizations and anyone trying to create positive change. We put together the following form and worked to reduce the amount of information to the bare minimum. Please, no phone calls, faxes, or email submissions.

The deadline for submission is Friday, January 20, 2017 at 6:00 PM.  Submissions sent after that time will not be honoured.

Thank you in advance. The application form is below. We hope you will consider applying.

Purpose Project Application


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