Manoverboard's WordPress Maintenance Plans

Congratulations on your new WordPress-powered website by Manoverboard. We hope and trust that it is everything you imagined it to be—and more. Your custom-built WordPress site represents a huge investment in time, energy, and funding and it is well worth protecting.

WordPress powers your site and it requires regular software updates to keep everything running smoothly and securely. These updates must be applied both to WordPress core (the main operating system of the software) and to all website plug-ins in order to keep the site functioning and happy and healthy. Importantly, your website should also be backed up regularly in case the website is ever hacked or your hosting fails.

Manoverboard offers the following set of maintenance plans to assist our clients in keeping their website up-to-date, tidy and secure.

With our Essential Maintenance plan, your site will be backed up and regularly updated. Our Active Maintenance includes more frequent backups and security checks as well as an hour’s worth of updates. Finally, our Custom Maintenance plan is built for those clients who need a little more assistance with updates, backups, and managing their site’s content and structure.

With all of these plans, our goal is to give you and your team peace of mind about your investment.

Must Have $200/mo 1. Essential
  • Automated, daily site backups
  • Manual, monthly updating of all plugins and WordPress core functionality
  • Verification of site integrity after all updates
  • One hour of support for content edits as needed, sent via email
Most Popular $300/mo 2. Active
  • Automated, real-time backups
  • Manual, monthly updating of all plugins and WordPress core functionality
  • Verification of site integrity after all updates
  • Two hours of support for content edits as needed, sent via email
  • Security scanning, malware monitoring and removal, blacklist monitoring, denial of service (DDoS) protection
Hosting Plus $500/mo 3. Custom
  • All Plan 2 items included, plus:
  • Website hosting on our green servers
  • Quarterly website audit to uncover opportunities on your site and help you make intelligence-based decisions
  • Three hours of support (in total) for content updates and other site modifications as needed, via email or telephone


Why is it important to have a plan?

Websites built with WordPress are typically very stable. However, like any piece of software, WordPress requires monitoring, security updates, and ongoing maintenance to ensure the integrity of the website’s content and databases. When regularly maintained, developers have a better chance at diagnosing any issues that might arise, and can more rapidly correct them. Unfortunately, we have seen many unmaintained customized WordPress sites fail, causing huge headaches and costs in order to assess, recover, and fix.

Can’t I perform the updates myself?

Yes, you can. But WordPress updates can cause errors and conflicts that will break the way your site displays or functions, which can be disastrous. We believe that sophisticated WordPress sites should be maintained by an experienced WordPress developer. It’s an investment in your work, your time, and your custom-built product.

Who will be handling my plan?

The same people who designed and developed your website: Dan, Jory, Robyn and Andrew at Manoverboard.

Is there a maintenance contract? 

Yes, we will issue a six-month service agreement that details what we will deliver and what we will need from you in order to provide the level of service that you require. After six months, we can evaluate if the plan is working for you.

What is included in a plan?

A lot. Every plan includes training, updating WordPress core, updating existing plugins, “We Break It / We Fix It” (exactly what it means), minor text edits, image uploads, file uploads to media library, adding a new post (using existing design), adding a new page (using existing design), copyright updates, website performance lag (if we are hosting the site).

What is not included in a plan?

Not included in our plans are additional training (over the included hourly allotment), new design elements and changes to the site design, adding new plugins, image editing (e.g. cropping, airbrushing), IT support (e.g problem-solving, email issues), adding / updating / maintaining unapproved plugins, fixing themes that were not developed by Manoverboard, fixing a site that you broke, hosting issues, domain registrar issues, expired domains, website performance lag (if we are not not hosting), downtime that we did not cause, and the usual Acts of God or Nature.

However, if you need any of these services, please let us know. We can gladly scope out the consulting, design, and development work for you.

We know you, we know your website and we know how important the site is to you and would be happy to help!