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Encourage Capital wanted to create more than a website. It wanted to make a case for its Vibrant Oceans project, a multi-stakeholder and multi-year initiative funded by The Rockefeller Foundation and Bloomberg Philanthropies. The project “encourages” individuals and businesses to invest resources in local, national, and industrial-scale fisheries, which promote self-sufficiency while earning a return on investment. Encourage had developed a series of six investment blueprints. Each one serves as a roadmap for impact investors, entrepreneurs, NGOs and other government officials to support the world’s “blue economy.”

With an abundance of impressive data and success stories, the challenge was to choose the information that would have the greatest impact and present it in a way that visitors could easily digest and share. In collaboration with Encourage Capital, we pored over the data and prioritized content that would connect with potential investors and sustainable fishing stakeholders. The challenge then turned to developing the website architecture that would help the visitor navigate through the information they needed. Most important, we needed to make sure that visitors would be as impressed with the website as as they would be with the full report, which weighs in at 424 pages.

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  • 6 blueprints
  • 3 organzations
  • 1 immersive experience
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Our Solution

We used compelling animated images to generate curiosity about how private capital can connect to responsible ecological initiatives and grow wealth. Our design then layered the information to guide the visitor from images to key messages, substantive reports, and individual investment blueprints. The site’s structure gives potential investors control over what and how much information they want, making it more likely they will stay on the site and explore what interests them. With dozens of partners, including environmental organizations Oceana and Rare, our goal for the site was to ensure that the substance of the research, the quality of the findings, and the impact investment strategies proposed were all supported by an interface that is equally substantive and powerful.

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Manoverboard worked closely with us to design and create a website with which we are extremely satisfied. We believe the design captures the true ethos of the Investing in Sustainable Fisheries project. From the very beginning, we had a fairly clear vision of what we wanted to see on our website. Manoverboard had creative designs of their own and were extremely effective about listening to us and fashioning a website that reflected the critical needs of the project.

—Otho Kerr, Partner, Encourage Capital
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As a member organization of 1% for the Planet, Manoverboard gives the equivalent of one percent of all revenues to select nonprofit partners that are benefiting the environment.

Manoverboard is a Certified B Corporation, which means that we meet ongoing, rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.