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Manoverboard became a business member of 1% for the Planet in 2017. At the time, it was an important move as a studio, allowing us to publicly support nonprofit organizations that make a significant impact on environmental conservation and local sustainability. Joining 1% for the Planet was one of the best decisions we ever made. But in 2022, we are taking a different approach to our studio’s philanthropy.

The 1% model

If you’re unfamiliar with 1% for the Planet, it’s an international organization whose business members contribute one percent of their total revenue to ecological causes. It’s a significant amount of money regardless of the size of the business. The 1% for the Planet organization matches business members with its nonprofit environmental partners, which must undergo a certification process. And, to access the 1% for the Planet platform and use its logomark, businesses must submit proof of their revenue and donations annually.

Since its inception in 2002, 1% for the Planet has been incredibly successful, directing hundreds of millions of dollars to its global environmental partners. It’s a game-changing model that offers networking opportunities and allows members to make smart decisions about their corporate giving strategy.

As much as the model worked for us as a proud and public contributor to environmental nonprofits, this year, I sought out a slightly different approach.

We are committed to reducing Manoverboard’s carbon footprint and to advancing environmental solutions through our corporate giving. But even though sustainability must be our priority given the planet’s critically fragile state, other issues affecting human wellbeing are important as well. Broadening our business support of other causes beyond environmental sustainability was important to me. 

After some research, including learning that our friends at California-based B Corp Mangrove developed their own 1% percent program, I was inspired to create a similar model. 

Manoverboard’s homespun solution: 1% to Represent 

We remain committed to donating one percent of our studio’s revenue to nonprofit organizations. Our one percent giving will expand to organizations with a clear social or environmental focus. These could include causes such as social justice, global humanitarian efforts, or conservation projects.

In 2022, we are choosing a mix of charities to receive 1% to Represent contributions based on a review of their activities, annual reports, and other research.

Additionally, the rest of the Manoverboard team will allocate a portion of the allotted funds to a local charity that is particularly meaningful to them. 

Our 2022 philanthropic giving

We will continue to be transparent and accountable, which is a central strength of 1% for the Planet’s program (and similar programs). 

Here is how we plan to distribute funds from 1% to Represent:

Charity, Amount and Details:

Total: $6,650, Approx. 1% of annual revenue

Giving is good

I’m a firm believer in companies giving whatever they can to heal the world. As a business, Manoverboard has a responsibility to improve the welfare and happiness of other human beings. But, it is not a burden. Humans are hardwired toward empathy and altruism. When we structure our world according to the presumption that people in business are selfish and solely motivated to maximize profit, we dampen our instinct to give. By joining others in giving one percent and in being transparent about our approach, I’m hopeful that we might foster a giving economy that embraces, celebrates and normalizes sharing revenues to make the world a better place.