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Website Audits

For nearly two decades, we’ve helped organizations create effective online strategies and enduring websites. We’ve analyzed and created hundreds of sites, which comes with the gift (and sometimes curse) of scrutinizing every website we encounter.

Put our neuroses to good use with an audit of your online platforms. We’ll meet with your team and other key stakeholders to review your digital goals and the pain points you’ve already identified. From there, we’ll methodically sift through your site to see what’s working and what’s not.

As a result of an audit, our clients will often have us build a new website from the ground up or revise their current site to enhance its performance and reach.

You’re under no pressure to engage us beyond the audit, but if you do, we’ll apply the cost of this service towards your new best website ever.

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You’ll get a detailed report that includes our findings and recommendations.

Accessibility Audits

Close to 15% of the world lives with a form of physical, visual or cognitive impairment. Regardless of ability, we should all have access to the web, yet most sites don’t meet basic accessibility standards. That’s why many jurisdictions are mandating accessibility standards for websites. Specific approaches to design, technology, and content can resolve website inaccessibility related to visual, hearing, or mobility impairment. Applying these techniques comes with the bonus of improving everyone’s experience when visiting your site.

Our award-winning design studio has been building websites with accessibility in mind for almost twenty years. We understand that complying with the standards can feel overwhelming. That's why we've tailored our services to assist organizations wherever they are on their accessibility journey. From auditing your current site to see where it stands to a fully compliant rebuild. Improving your accessibility online is within reach.

Design & Content Audit

If you want to sail past your competition and reach all of your other organizational goals, your digital design and content need to work in harmony.

Our design and content audit will review your website and provide you with detailed written recommendations for improvements. We'll assess your site from a visual and technical design perspective examining its navigation, messaging, cohesiveness, and conciseness. We'll also complete a competitive analysis.

Performance Audit

A slow-loading website significantly increases the likelihood of someone clicking away from it even if it’s a delay of just seconds. A sluggish site also impacts climate change and the wallets of people who rely on metered usage.

We’ll take a look under the hood to analyze how your site is coded, managed, and served to determine its optimization. We are starting to build websites differently to address many of the issues related to bloated, slow-loading sites. Various techniques such as reducing image sizes, eliminating unnecessary scripts and plugins, and creating fewer calls to the server can greatly impact page and site performance.

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