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Founded in 1903, Bideawee is one of the most prominent animal rescue shelters and adoption centres in the U.S. The organization has a long history of matching loving families throughout New York with just the right animal companion.

09 Nov 2020

  • Content strategy
  • Ecommerce and donations
  • WordPress development
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With shelters in Manhattan and Long Island, Bideawee takes in hundreds of animals each year and its “no-kill” policy was one of the first in the country — and continues to this day. It has recently expanded its mission to assume responsibility for The New York City Feral Cat Initiative, which uses a trap and neuter program to humanely reduce the population of community cats in the city. With a highly successful rebrand under its belt, Bideawee asked Manoverboard to create a cheerful, colorful, photo-rich, and progressive site that would take it into the next decade. They wanted the site to reflect the organization's new visual brand identity, be easier to update, and have a laser focus on their core audiences — those seeking to donate, adopt, and volunteer.

Through our discovery process with Bideawee, we honed in on three clear goals for this project: raise funds for the organization by demonstrating how well the organization is managed, facilitate animal adoption by thoughtfully presenting potential animal companions, and promote volunteership by highlighting how the organization supports and develops skills and talent.

Four young puppies sitting beside each other, looking very cute.
Two veterinarians examining a cat.
A young cat with a collar around his neck.
A woman leaning back, holding a dog and kissing it on the mouth.
A woman smiling, holding a young puppy while it licks her face.
Screenshot from the Bideawee website. Has a bright light blue banner titled
Screenshot of the donation page from the Bideawee website. There is a rounded rectangle with six different donation options. Behind it is a photo of a woman hugging a large smiling dog.

Bideawee’s tagline is “Finding loving homes for rescued animals.” We envisioned the new website as the front door to Bideawee’s home — where every visitor feels welcome and excited to walk through its doors.

To achieve that vision, we created a custom WordPress website that greets visitors with large, arresting images of animals, caretakers, staff, volunteers, and adopters, creating an immediate intimacy between the organization and online visitors. The site reflects Bideawee's brand projecting a bold, cheerful, and energized vibe.

Our integration of a new customer management (CRM) system with the website allows Bideawee staff to manage both the people and animals coming through the door more efficiently.  The animal galleries and detailed adoption information are engaging and easy to navigate. Each animal page features an adoption inquiry form allowing visitors to find out more about their potential companion.

Other new site features include an integrated donation management system that gives donors a more streamlined giving experience. The site also guides potential volunteers through helpful ideas and information to get them on their way to completing an inquiry form. Informed by a content strategy that drives traffic to the site with the daily addition of new photos, blog content, and resources, we ensured that Bideawee staff can edit their new site independently and with ease.

Screenshot from the news page of Bideawee's website. An opaque, dark blue circular form takes up the left side of the page with the word

A screenshot of the history page on the Bideawee website. There is a long vertical timeline that spans down the page, staggered with different images of animals, stretching from 1903 and beyond.
Screenshot of the