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Adjuvant Capital

Nearly alone in the pursuit of healthcare investment in emerging markets, Adjuvant has the ambitious mission of providing substantial returns for investors by bringing the most promising global health technologies to the market.

02 Jul 2019

  • Brand identity
  • Brand collateral
  • Brand standards guides
  • Content strategy
  • Impact reports
  • Presentation decks
  • Stationery systems
  • WordPress development
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Adjuvant Capital emerged from the Global Health Investment Fund (GHIF), created in 2012 by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and J.P. Morgan. As a double-bottom line fund, Adjuvant believes that we often overlook and under-appreciate the impact of global public health. With proper funding and innovative partnerships, massive public health improvements in low- and middle-income countries are within reach.

Emerging from its incubation at GHIF, Adjuvant was ready to advance as a leading-edge fund with a distinct identity and asked for our help. The company shared several traits with many impact investment firms we have supported over 15 years: each had a strong investment strategy, clear goals for financial returns, highly competent teams, a commitment to research, and a focus on delivering substantial social and environmental impact. Our objective was to use our sector knowledge to create a visual language for Adjuvant that would distinguish its dynamism, youthfulness, and smarts.

A screenshot of the Adjuvant Capital website titled
A screenshot of Adjuvant Capital's team page. Portraits of two men are shown.
A screenshot of Adjuvant Capital's about page. It has a light blue background, a paragraph titled

The brand assets we created position Adjuvant as a company that pays attention to detail while keeping in mind the big picture.

The identity system we created includes a logo, brand standards guide, Microsoft Office collateral, presentation deck, and business cards. The double-slash motif is a bold reference to the fund’s double bottom line approach. We chose a contemporary take on a corporate colour palette, juxtaposing soft pinks and blues against stoic dark greys. This approach is calm yet fresh, supporting the communication of serious subjects without overwhelming the reader.

We also designed and built an innovative and forward-thinking website with a flexible publishing/blogging system that houses separate case studies and news articles. Aside from the homepage, the website’s pages are lightweight and energy-efficient — and still pack a punch with strong photography, sharp typography, and bold copy.

The Adjuvant Capital website received a highly coveted Honorable Mention from Awwwards, a peer-evaluated design organization that recognizes some of the best web designers, developers and agencies in the world. The website was also featured as a Site of the Week on one of the world’s foremost typography websites, Typewolf.

The Adjuvant Capital logo. Two medium-weighted slash marks sit beside the words

6 small photos featuring the company's branding. One photo shows the designed letterhead. Another shows a similar logo as above but with a dark forrest green background and light pink text. 3 variations of the slash mark icon are featured.
Adjuvant Capital's business cards stacked in two piles. They are thick, square shaped and have a dark forrest green colour with a lighter pink text and logo.
Adjuvant Capital's brand standards. A photo of snowy mountains sits on top of a forest green background. On the mountains is the company's logo.
Adjuvant Capital's branding strategy. Swatches for colour palettes and the company's logo in different colours are seen.
Adjuvant Capital's branding strategy for stationary. Their business card is seen beside their letterhead, along with three short paragraphs about their stationary plan.
Sample typesetting for Adjuvant Capital. The selected fonts for the company are seen in different sizes, titles, and paragraphs.
Adjuvant Capital's photography strategy for their website. Five stylish photographs to be used for the website along with a planning paragraph are seen.

“Andrew and his team are an absolute pleasure to work with. Our website went live on time, on budget, and is not only beautiful — but easy to navigate. Our team felt Manoverboard really understood our organization and they were able to help us think through new and impactful ways to tell our story online. We look forward to continuing our work with Manoverboard.”

— Charlie Petty, Pricipal, Adjuvant Capital