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Since 1976, the Health Sciences Centre (HSCF) Foundation has improved the lives of patients in Manitoba. More than 50,000 generous donors have supported vital initiatives at the province’s largest acute health care centre.

10 Jan 2020

  • Brand collateral
  • Brand standards guides
  • Content strategy
  • Ecommerce and donations
  • Email newsletters
  • Impact reports
  • Print newsletters
  • Presentation decks
  • Stationery systems
  • WordPress development
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The HSCF asked Manoverboard to build a strong, stable, and sophisticated online communications platform that would take the organization into the next decade. They wanted it to be engaging, flexible, user-friendly, and capable of quickly and easily delivering campaign- and donor-related information.

To be effective, the Foundation needed to align its digital and print communication channels, requiring the redesign of a campaign brochure, social media assets, and templates for electronic and print newsletters, direct mail, and other materials.

Two healthcare workers talking to each other in full personal protective equipment.
Two scientists holding vials in a lab.
A scientist holding a petri dish.
Close-up of a healthcare worker smiling in full personal protective equipment.
A screenshot from HSCF's news page. A warm white background is beneath two images of healthcare workers. Under each image is a date, a headline, and a small blurb.
A screenshot of the HSCF's

Our content strategy informed our core design objective: to create a bold yet thoughtful new site that would feel bright and modern.

Working closely with its communications team, we began by developing a digital content strategy around HSC Foundation’s messaging, campaign requirements, and ongoing news and donor profiles. Updating the Foundation’s existing brand guidelines, we crafted a new visual language to communicate its serious purpose and total commitment to the health and safety of patients. We built a website that features large, beautiful photos of individuals and families the Foundation had supported, as well as images of  HSC healthcare workers and historical photographs of the hospital.

The HSC Foundation's campaign brochure features a rolling fold and self-mailing system, allowing donors to easily complete the form and return it via regular mail service. Key facts about the campaign are interspersed with patient stories that reflect Manitoba's diversity and the impact that its physicians and health care workers make every day.

A new suite of print and digital materials complemented the new visual language of the website. With a newly designed system of templates for the most frequently used channels (e-newsletter, direct mail and print newsletter), the Foundation can efficiently communicate with its audiences, sharing patient and donor stories that both inspire and motivate.

A screenshot from the HSCF's
A screenshot from the HSCF's
Three images of the HSCF branding designs. The top left image shows a letterhead of a white piece of paper with the logo and information at the top. The photo below it shows a paper folder that opens, with the words
Three images. The top left shows an image of a male healthcare worker in a blue uniform. The top right image shows an HSCF greeting card coming out of an envelope. The card has simple drawn flowers on it. The bottom photo shows a picture of the HSCF building during a sunny day.
HSCF's brand standards. A green form sits on top of a white rectangle with
HSCF's branding strategy. Colour palettes for main colours and secondary colours are seen.
HSCF's brand standards. A yellow shape titled
HSCF's brand standards. An idea for the welcome page is seen with a pink upper section, white text, and a black lower section.