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Since 1976, the Health Sciences Centre Foundation has pro-actively served the people of Manitoba, improving patient lives and making a real difference in the province. More than 50,000 generous donors have supported key initiatives for the province’s flagship hospital and health care centre. With its current goals of improving patient care, investing in cutting edge medical research, and helping on the frontlines of crises, the Foundation plays a critical role in the health and wellbeing of hundreds of thousands of people throughout the province.

The HSC Foundation tasked us with building a strong, stable and sophisticated digital communications platform that would take the organization into the next decade. The new platform needed to be engaging, flexible and user friendly as well as capable of delivering campaign- and donor-related information easily and quickly. We were also asked to design and refine its numerous print and digital communication channels, including a campaign brochure, social media assets, its core e-newsletter, as well as direct mail and print newsletter templates and other materials.




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Working closely with the its communications team, we began our work by developing a digital content strategy around HSC Foundation’s messaging, campaign requirements, and ongoing news and donor profiles. This content strategy was coupled with one core design objective: to create a bold yet thoughtful new site that would feature a bright and modern look and feel. Updating its existing brand guidelines, we crafted a new visual language to communicate the foundation’s seriousness of purpose and its total commitment to the health and safety of everyone in the province. The new site that we built features large, beautiful photos of individuals and families who were supported by the Foundation, as well as images of healthcare workers at the Health Sciences Centre and historical photographs of the hospital.

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A customized set of donation pages (to be launched soon) were designed to make giving online as easy as possible. For instance, online donors only see those fields that are required for a given type of donation. Built on the Blackbaud platform, these donation pages will feature:

  • Monthly or one-time donations in preset or custom amounts
  • Newsletter opt-in options
  • Conditionally shown and optional Tribute Gift form fields
  • Conditionally shown electronic or physical card detail options for Tribute Gifts
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The new Health Sciences Foundation campaign brochure is designed with a rolling fold and self-mailing system, allowing donors to complete the form easily and return it via regular mail. Key facts about the campaign are interspersed with patient stories that reflect the diversity of the Manitoba community that the Health Sciences Centre serves as well as the impact that its physicians and health care workers make each and every day.

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A new suite of print and digital materials were also designed to complement the new visual language of the website. Our goal was to give donors to the Health Sciences Centre Foundation a renewed confidence and appreciation for the organization as a trustworthy and effective financial steward.

We also designed a system of templates for the most frequently used channels (e-newsletter, direct mail and print newsletter) so that the Foundation can efficiently communicate with its audiences in a timely manner, sharing patient and donor stories that both inspire and motivate.

It is an honour to support the HSC Foundation as it continues to transform the lives of tens of thousands of patients and loved ones each year.

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