Greyston should appear next to the definition of “social enterprise” in the dictionary. Since 1982, the organization has hired individuals who may never have been given a chance to work. Over 5,000 people every year are assisted by Greyston — through early learning programs, housing assistance, community programs, and numerous green sites which supplies over 14 tons of fresh produce annually. Its workforce development programs offer skills training, career counseling, and job placement — all of which create ripple effects throughout the Yonkers, New York community.

This workforce development model, which Greyston calls Open Hiring™, makes the radical proposition that every person, if they desire it, deserves the fundamental dignity of work in the community in which they live, regardless of their circumstances: anyone who wants a job, gets a job. After 35 years, the model is well proven. Greyston came to Manoverboard to create an online platform that would help it promote its message of radical inclusion, share stories of personal and family transformation, and advance the adoption of its Open Hiring model throughout the world.

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Greyston’s community and advocacy initiatives are powered through its commercial bakery, but the organization needed to indicate that is creates much more than baked goods. Breaking the vicious cycle of poverty, recidivism, crime, and food insecurity shouldn’t be relegated to the jurisdiction of Yonkers alone. Open Hiring is an approach to workforce and community development whose time has truly come.

The global economy needs new mechanisms that will lift up individuals and their families from poverty, discrimination, and centuries of injustice. Greyston’s Open Hiring™ model is built to scale and the groundwork is now being laid to help deploy it for and within other organizations.

  • 75 employment barriers broken with Open Hiring
  • 14T of fresh produce harvested from 10 sites
  • 4000 individuals engaged in community programming
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“We don't hire people to bake brownies, we bake brownies to hire people.”

—Mike Brady, CEO and President
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Our Solution

Our strategy was to build two separate but equal sites. First, we created an innovative communications-focused website that matched Greyston’s pioneering history, mission, and social purpose. This allows Greyston to better connect with global changemakers, consumers, partners, funders, social entrepreneurs, and researchers and highlight the connection between creating opportunity and building a just and more equal society. Next, we built an online store to empower Greyston Bakery to promote new products and offers, and to drive stronger sales with consumers and corporate gift buyers.

The new Greyston parent website that we developed does three things simultaneously:

First, it is a storytelling platform that showcases the personal transformation of the many people that Greyston touches. These stories make the Open Hiring model and its immediate impacts clear and concrete. In this way, the site is a tool of education. Second, the site demonstrates how Greyston’s corporate and philanthropic partners, including Ben & Jerry’s, Whole Foods, and Delta Airlines, have helped build the movement — and demonstrate what success could look like for new and prospective partners. In this way, the site is a tool of validation. Finally, the site serves as a mechanism to allow people to donate easily online. In this way, the site is also a tool of transaction.

All three objectives are seamlessly interwoven throughout the organizational site through an elegant, confident, and innovative design that features helpful and inspiring content.

The Greyston website received an Honorable Mention from Awwwards, a peer-evaluated design organization that recognizes some of the best web designers, developers and agencies in the world.

Fellow B Corp Manoverboard over-delivered on a fantastic website for Greyston. The Manoverboard team took the time to understand our organization’s mission and tailored the user experience to match.

—Anthony Pellegrino, Marketing Manager

As a member organization of 1% for the Planet, Manoverboard gives the equivalent of one percent of all revenues to select nonprofit partners that are benefiting the environment.

Manoverboard is a Certified B Corporation, which means that we meet ongoing, rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.