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Greyston should appear next to the dictionary definition of social enterprise. Since 1982, the organization has hired individuals other employers might never have given a chance.

24 Oct 2018

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Based in Yonkers, New York, Greyston assists more than 5,000 people annually through early learning programs, housing assistance, community support, workforce development, and several green sites that supply more than 14 tons of fresh produce yearly.

The organization is best known for its commercial bakery, which produces 34,000 pounds of brownies daily for customers such as Ben & Jerry's and Whole Foods. The bakery helped hone Greyston's Open Hiring™ workforce development model, which promotes hiring anyone who wants a job regardless of their circumstances.

A smiling factory worker in a hair net and white uniform.
A smiling factory worker holding up a packaged brownie.
A smiling factory worker driving a small forklift.
A hand holding a packaged vegan fudge brownie.
Stacked red boxes that say
A screenshot from the news page of the Greyston website. Rows of three posts about different news topics are shown.
A screenshot from Greyston's

Greyston came to Manoverboard to create a more robust online presence that would promote its message of radical inclusion, share personal and family transformation stories, and advance the adoption of Open Hiring on a global scale. At the time of our engagement, Greyston's online presence was an e-commerce site for the bakery.

A banner of 3 statistics from the Greyston website.

A screenshot of the donation page of the Greyston website. There is a rectangle which features different donation options overtop of an image of two smiling factory workers making brownies. The caption under it says
A screenshot from the Greyston website titled

We created a site that illustrated the connection between creating opportunity and building a just and more equal society.

Our strategy was to create two complementary websites. First, we created a streamlined online store powered by Shopify to enable Greyston Bakery to promote its products more easily and increase sales to consumers and corporate gift buyers. Next, we crafted an innovative communications-focused parent site that would allow Greyston to connect with global changemakers, consumers, partners, funders, social entrepreneurs, and researchers. 

The parent site achieved three things simultaneously: First, it was a storytelling platform that showcased the personal transformation of the many people that Greyston has touched. These stories made the Open Hiring model and its immediate impacts clear and concrete. Second, the site demonstrated how Greyston's corporate and philanthropic partners helped build the movement while also showing what success could look like to prospective partners. Finally, the site made it easy for supporters to make online donations. 

The Greyston website received an Honorable Mention from Awwwards, a peer-evaluated design organization that recognizes some of the best web designers, developers and agencies in the world.

A screenshot from the Greyston website. The top left corner says
A screenshot from the Greyston website. An image of factory workers sits beside the title

Fellow B Corp Manoverboard over-delivered a fantastic website for Greyston. The Manoverboard team took the time to understand our organization’s mission and tailored the user experience to match.

— Anthony Pellegrino, Marketing Manager